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The quantity of details which needs to be started and let out in shop in a month for ensuring assembly of products and trouble-free uniform operation of the subsequent shops according to system of day-to-day production planning "on reserves", applied in an academic year project, pays off back to the production course: in the beginning for the last — assembly (in an academic year project — the third) shops, then for the second and first.

Make two types of calendar plans schedules (KP: podetalny and podetalno-pooperatsionny. In podetalny terms of the beginning and the end of processing of kits of parts in shop (on are specified. Terms of start and release of kits of parts on workplaces are specified in podetalno-pooperatsionny schedules (schedules of loading of the equipment).

- on a detaleoperation the norm of piece and calculation time, fixing to group of the interchangeable equipment (workplace), duration of processing of a kit of parts in changes determined by a formula are given