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The state can have property (for example, actions) in various branches, however if its participation makes less than 50%, only obtaining the commercial income according to this share is supposed. Participation of the state in commercial work of the enterprises of the private sector has to be based by the principle of investment of capital in the most profitable production objects. Though similar activity as to that has no relation to a public sector, nevertheless it is necessary to adjust its monitoring along with monitoring of work of a public sector.

In the countries of Latin America during the carried-out reforms own additional principles for definition of a circle of the enterprises which it is expedient to leave as a part of a public sector were formulated: use of non-renewable natural resources by the enterprise (or control of such use), impossibility of division of major companies on small, big risk of investment, the high social importance of the enterprise, historical traditions.

For use of data in the context of the macroeconomic analysis they have to be economically structured according to the system of the reporting on conducting economic activity accepted in the country.

Paid operations provide payments on the terms of compensation, i.e. the payer receives something in an exchange. (Irretrievable receipts can be paid.) Gratuitous operation does not provide receiving instead of any equivalent: the payer does not receive any benefits which are giving in to quantitative definition, production or services in exchange for the payment made by it. Gratuitous operations can sometimes be called unilateral, and paid - bilateral, the fact of existence or lack of the compensating stream thereby is reflected.

Databases carry out data collection and will organize them according to so-called "functions". According to functional classification, data are built in the direction of a main goal. Criteria of allocation of data in separate categories:

The data are necessary for each specific program. Best of all department to which support of the program is entrusted, BUT after all besides his employees copes with collecting, the others too have to have to them access. It is hardly worth expecting that the ministries and departments can be up to the end objective. Often those who works there, help to create programs. Therefore, they will not estimate them critically, as if it was done by independent experts.