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Population of the country makes 125,6 million people. In the ethnic relation Japanese make 99,4% of the population, the others – Koreans, Chinese, Americans, Ainu (descendants of the ancient population of the country). Japan is characterized by high life expectancy – about 80 years. Population density makes over 300 people on 1 sq.km. Over 76% of the population live in the cities. The capital of Japan – Tokyo (8,1 million people).

Country relief mainly mountain – (over 80% of the territory) with numerous volcanoes (about 150, including 40 acting), the most known of which – the mountain Fujiyama (the highest point of Japan, 3776 m).

Winters in the north of Japan the cold. Average temperature of January on about Hokkaido – 10 C. In February and March here often snow snow-storms and blizzards. In the south of the country of winter warm and dry. Average temperature of January + 17 C. Summer in Japan cloudy, stuffy, rainy. Average temperature of July makes + 27 C.