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Effective lines for writing

At design of the address tire and tire of data it is necessary to estimate the size of current loading since they are connected with a set of the devices connected in parallel. If for the address tire and the tire of data the current surpassing admissible value in size at MT exit is characteristic, such line needs to be buffered.

KP580BB55 0 program device of input-output of parallel information, is used as an element of input-output of the general purpose interfacing various types of peripherals to the highway of data of systems of information processing.

All this leads to a number of inconveniences at technical operation of the tuner of this model. The majority of shortcomings can be avoided when using as a basic element of a control unit of the processor which will operate activity of all scheme of management.

Each MT team consists of one, two or three bytes, and the first byte is the COP of team. The COP defines the team nature, by the COP of the central processing unit determines, whether additional bytes and if yes, the central processing unit receives them in the subsequent cycles are necessary. As the byte of the COP consists of 8 bits, there can be 256 different COPS from among whom MT 1821BM85 uses 24

For the PMOP RAM it was succeeded to reduce even more the geometrical sizes, to receive a high speed of switching by 2,5 times. The uniform supply voltage + 5B provides direct compatibility of such RAMS on logical levels with TTL chips.

Unfortunately, the majority ENCORE, intended for an electronic clock, it is impossible to connect with the control unit directly. For this purpose it is necessary to develop quite difficult scheme of interface. But, now the industry the chip 512 VSh which is specially intended for work as a part of microprocessor devices as a real time clock with an alarm clock, a calendar, and also the RAM of general purpose with a capacity of 50 bytes is issued.

If according to these conditions the multivibrator is started, the output impulse can be continued, having given on an entrance tension of low level (or on an entrance V-high). From the moment of this additional operation before the termination of an impulse will pass time of the vy.