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Black and brown coal is extracted near the Bridge, Homutov, Kladno, Ostrava and Sokolov. deposits of brown coal in career near Sokolov (15 million tons in, 90% of production of black coal arrive from Ostrava. In the country there are sufficient reserves of limestone and small sand for production of Bohemian glass.

Rich opportunities for swimming, fishing and occupations by water sports, silence and the stupefying forest, pleasant walks and the most interesting excursions, a set of and other forest fruits, charming landscapes and panoramas — and in the winter snow-covered slopes with rope elevators — all this and many other things wait for those who will solve time in Sokolovsky the area. And it not to mention monuments of architecture and museum expositions, in these parts to the vigorous present is reminded about and long ago the passed days.

But the picture of modern Takhovshchina would be incomplete without about the developed agricultural production which became result of successful agricultural experiment. Here capacious elevator and silage towers, spacious cowsheds, poultry farms grew...

Sslskokhozyaystvenny grounds occupy 55% of a of the country. The main - wheat, sugar beet, potatoes, a rye, corn, barley and hop. The meat animal husbandry, especially pig-breeding is widely developed.

The glory of the West Czech resorts stepped over borders of our country for a long time, and their remarkable medical action highly both specialists doctors, and patients, visitors here from around the world. In total without exception resorts in the middle of the charming nature, and some of them — for example, Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázne — are the large cultural and public centers of value.

Places where it is impossible to visit only once life exist. We come back to such places again and again to recover already faded memoirs in memory, to touch to again and to open for itself new, earlier unknown beauty. In the western Czech Republic of such places not to count! The nature generously of an this edge rare beauty, and the person allocated it with thousands of monuments of the persistent work. To put it briefly, here you all that can only interest the tourist (and not only the tourist: fine landscapes, perfectly equipped zones of an, the large resort centers and a set of valuable cultural and historical monuments.