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Minus the repayment sum the property reflected in balance is own property of the rent enterprise which is in common ownership of members of labor collective. Individual shares of workers calculate taking into account a salary, an experience and administrative complexity of work of the worker.

Important means of privatization is redistribution of the income and property. However privatization of property, capital does not mean equivalent privatization of the income at all. The last occurs as thanks to changes in structure of property, and simultaneous change (as a result of privatization) level and structure of the prices.

Process of privatization of the enterprises provides the following institutes: committees on management of property and funds of property of various levels; investment funds and investment companies; consulting firms; stock exchanges and broker firms; companies organizers of auctions, investment auction, tenders.

Issue of privatization checks by many was exposed to criticism. The best counterargument is acceleration of privatization process, creation of real mechanisms of participation of all population in acquisition of stocks of the transformed enterprises.

Privatization promotes production demonopolization. Unfortunately, sharp transition to incorporating the large enterprises happened without their preliminary reorganization and commercialization. It did not allow to coordinate a problem of privatization and demonopolization. It is necessary to consider that the problem of demonopolization manages to be solved not in all branches of a national economy and not only disaggregation methods. The interrelation of privatization and demonopolization is so difficult that use of the methods allowed by the program of privatization led to destruction of the developed branch scientific complexes at an exit from them structural divisions.

Noneconomic coercion in the course of privatization generated emergence of the problems which are not solved within its initial stage. Among them – an order of use and financing of objects of welfare value, a condition of fixing and sale to users of the land plots and real estate.

The system of estimation of cost of property of the enterprises operating nowadays in many respects is biased owing to sharp fluctuations of an economic environment and inconsistent behavior of the enterprises. Starting implementation of the new program of privatization, a number of labor collectives faced a stubborn problem of repayment of multi-billion fixed assets. Therefore the incorporating at a stage of postcheck privatization can be complicated due to the lack of an initiative of labor collectives.