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Each of spouses has to understand distinctly that anybody for them will not make their household chores, and the unwillingness of one to work will turn back additional load of another that is fraught with family troubles.

Diligence as quality of the personality is of extremely great importance for all aspects of life of the person. This valuable quality assumes not only love and a habit to physical and to brainwork, but also respect for people of work. It is also necessary to emphasize communication of diligence with development of abilities, after all without diligence of people can so never and not learn to what it is capable, as a matter of fact, voluntary having limited the development, and such losses are irreplaceable.

Compatible partners have similarity of one qualities (I.Q., education, etc.) and at the same time can have contrast of others, connected with features of temperament. In everyday life it is necessary to be adjusted on searches of the compatible person. But ideals do not happen, and it is necessary to understand each other, to proportion own desires and requirements to aspirations of other person.

It is possible to tell with confidence that the house in which there is no friendship, of the kind relations between senior and younger, it is impossible to call happy. Therefore we have the right to rank friendship of parents and children as moral values of a family.

The more fairly distribution of duties is organized in a family, the family members treat the duties more creatively, the it is more than prospects at destiny of marriage. The economic parties of life get coloring of high pedagogics and true education of feelings. It is necessary to treat it about all gravity to losing ability gently and faithfully to care of others. This quality is cultivated in a family.

The moral code proclaims the leading moral principle by which there lives the family: "Mutual respect in a family, care of education of children". But also other principles directly concern a family – so, for example, unless honest work is not necessary in a family? Or the principle "one for all and all for one" – unless it concerns only public life? And where how not in a family, we study the humane attitude towards people, honesty and truthfulness, simplicity and modesty, irreconcilability to injustice?