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Having developed the scheme of a position and having checked its productivity by research of the market, the seven-mile step to writing of the plan for marketing is taken. The productive marketing plan is always based on thoroughly thought over scheme of a position.

Each firm is interested in effective management of the marketing activity. In particular, she needs to know how to analyze market opportunities, to select the suitable target markets, to develop an effective complex of marketing and successfully to operate implementation of marketing efforts.

The strategic plan of firm defines, in which productions it will be engaged, and states problems of these productions. Now it is necessary to develop own detailed plans for each of them. If production includes some assortment groups, some goods, brands, the markets, on each of these positions the separate plan has to be developed For this reason we face with ^

The scheme of a position — something like an umbrella over marketing components of your business plan In other words, a position which is accepted, influences features of elements of the plan for marketing which, by the way, in total are called marketing miksty.