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or less extended. The neck is truncated the head rounded with a short muzzle at the majority of types of an extremity long, but strong a finger the going. In Adygea representatives of a genus of a cat are widespread everywhere in flatter landscapes. At us two look meets this is a lynx and the European wild cat.

The vast majority of wild animals leads a land life, occupying first of all the woods. Among forest predators many well climb trees. Some predatory live about reservoirs, well float and dive.

The animals entering into group predatory, are distinguished from other groups of mammals with an extraordinary variety of appearance, the sizes of a body, biological features, adaptations to habitat, ways of movement. Small tiny caress and a big brown bear belongs to group of the predatory. The majority of wild animals leads a land life, but separate types, like minks, became inhabitants of fresh reservoirs. Contrary to the name some predatory prefer to feed not on meat, and insects, water invertebrates and even vegetable food. According to it they strongly differ in the biology, giving a wide range of the adaptive