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Thus, according to the doctrine of nominalists, universaliya exist not to things, and after things. Some nominalists even proved that the general concepts are no more, than sounds of a human voice. Belonged to such nominalists, for example Rostselin (the XI-XII century.

In medieval philosophy dispute between spirit and a matter that caused dispute between realists and nominalists was particularly acute. Dispute went about the nature of universaliya, that is about the nature of the general concepts, whether the general concepts are secondary, that is a product of activity of thinking, or they represent primary, real, exist independently.

Medieval dispute on the nature of universaliya considerably influenced further development of logic and gnoseology, especially doctrines of such large philosophers of modern times, as Hobbes and Locke, Spinoza, Berkeley and Yum. The medieval philosophy made an essential contribution to further development of gnoseology, for formation of bases of natural-science and philosophical knowledge.